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Section I: Resume   Amanda McKenna   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Education    2004-2006  Georgian Court University graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education​ ​Magna Cum Laude  Praxis, Recognition of Excellence Gen. Ed, Biology, Psychology, and Middle School Math  2003-2004 Rutgers University studied Developmental Psychology  2000-2003 Clarkson University studied Physical Therapy
  Section I: Resume Amanda McKenna ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Education 2004-2006 Georgian Court University graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education   Magna Cum Laude Praxis, Recognition of Excellence Gen. Ed, Biology, Psychology, and Middle School Math 2003-2004Rutgers University studied Developmental Psychology 2000-2003Clarkson Universitystudied Physical Therapy and Psychology Teaching Experience: 2009- 2018Berkeley Township Third Grade Teacher, general education classroom teacher 2006-2009 Berkeley Township Second Grade Teacher, general education classroom teacher Professional Credentials Awards 2017-2018District Teacher of the Year 2016- 2017 Teacher of the Year 2016-2017 Teachers Who Rock Grants Classroom Lego Wall Flexible Seating $1000 JCP&L Coding Grant Curriculum Committees ELA Curriculum Next Generation Science Ocean County Curriculum Writer Writing Prompts  Program Coordinator Monthly Makerspace Program Reading Buddies Coding Fair Director Camp Invention Professional Development Google Certified Teacher Training Scratch Coding Gizmos Presenter Ocean Tech Expo Presenter, Website Building Stockton College SRI & ETTC Presenter, Creating School-Wide Makerspace Program Berkeley Township Education Association New Teacher Academy Student Teachers Student Teacher 50 Hour Practicum PTA President Vice President Budget and Finance Committee Secretary Committee Chairperson  Section II: Professional Biography As Helen Keller eloquently said, “the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they must be felt in the heart”. This is my truth. I began my college education in upstate New York at Clarkson University and majored in Developmental Psychology. At the end of this program, there was a requirement to complete an internship that would help me to develop a testable theory. My internship allowed me to work with a group of students with Autism that ranged in grades from Kindergarten through 8th grade. The most beautiful thing about this experience, felt in my heart, was the desire to see throughout my future career, the daily and mighty accomplishments that these students achieve daily. From this experience, it was decided that I wanted to be a part of students’ learning in every facet from aiding them through struggles, to celebrating their success and witnessing their pride. Shortly after my internship ended, I transferred to Georgian Court University and graduated Summa Cum Laude. I was then hired by the Berkeley Township Board of Education. Now I was able to fulfill my heartfelt purpose as an educator, which has given me the privilege to contribute to my students’ lives, as well as, my school and the district. The most rewarding accomplishment will always be acquiring the privilege to teach.  Section III: Teaching Style Steadfastly, I believe in a new way of educating children because we as educators have to harness their full potential. In our profession, if we truly take time to reflect on our teaching methods and strategies, we will find that it needs updating. This is what I set out to do for my students, who must embrace technology and learn to thrive in a society that may not be fully imaginable. I use somewhat alternative methods but my purpose is to be their host to a wide variety of experiences and engage in learning with them. My beliefs have become my teaching style. I believe in differentiation because students need to learn to work in their own brilliant capacities. Everyone is unique in their ability to listen, focus, learn, understand, and create. So, the way I teach must reflect and embrace these differences in order for students to reach their goals. Every child should be taught in a variety of ways to make sure that their unique learning style has been activated. I believe in holding high standards for my students. We set lofty goals for ourselves within these classroom walls while making it to them one deliberate step at a time. I want to challenge them to be more than they imagine and in turn enjoy the thrill when they reach their stars. High standards for work quality and participation let my students know I believe in them to accomplish amazing things if they put in the effort needed. I believe in building community because trust is the basis of relationships and learning. People want to belong and I want to give my students a safe, positive place to learn. Positive interactions with your teacher, classmates, and school builds a sense of belonging and pride in yourself and community. I feel you are more likely to exceed your expectations if you know that your peers and teachers want you to succeed. I believe in children engaging in their outside lives once at home without the interference of school work. This, like many of the other aspects of my philosophy, teaches life skills for their future. Hard work to accomplish tasks and dedicating their focus to a healthy hobby will teach students to sustain a balanced life as an adult.  I believe in second chances because I value the hustle and relentless desire to achieve. I push my students daily to want better for themselves. I believe that if you are dedicated enough to find everyone of your mistakes a   nd correct them, then I should be giving credit for that. I am a teacher and by definition, “I impart knowledge as to how to do something”. I am going to teach you above all else not to give up.
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