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  Direct Steam Injection Heater Sizing The following table can be used to estimate the size of a direct steam injection heater. The heater size is based on thewater flow rate (gpm). The amount of steam required depends on the desired water temperature rise and the minimumsteam pressure depends on the system pressure levels. The following parameters and equations can be used for theseestimates:V= Water flow rate, gallons per minute∆T =Water temperature rise, °F (final temperature should not exceed 220 F)Pw=Water inlet pressure, psig Po=Water outlet pressure, psigPs=Required steam pressure, psigPs=2 x (Po– Pw) + 1.8 x (Pw+ 14.7) – 14.7S=Required steam flow rate, pounds per hourS=V x ∆T x 0.43 Note: Consult Kadant Johnson for optimum sizing and direct steam injection heater performance curves.Size(inches)Direct Steam Injection Heater SizesWater Flow Rates (gpm)ConnectionsMinimumRecommendedMaximum 1  ⁄  2 61117NPT 3  ⁄  4 102030NPT1163248NPT1 1  ⁄  4 285684NPT1 1  ⁄  2 3876114NPT or Flanged263125188NPT or Flanged2 1  ⁄  2 90179269Flanged3138276415Flanged4238476714Flanged53747481,122Flanged65401,0801,621Flanged89351,8712,806Flanged101,4742,9494,423Flanged122,1154,2306,344Flanged142,5295,0597,588Flanged163,3046,6099,913Flanged184,1838,36512,548Flanged205,19710,39415,592Flanged226,63213,26319,895Flanged247,51715,03422,551Flanged  DIRECT STEAM INJECTION HEATER SIZING Kadant is a global supplier of high-value, critical components andengineered systems used in processindustries worldwide. Contact us: KADANT JOHNSON805 Wood StreetThree Rivers, MI 49093 USATel: +1-269-278-1715Email: DIH Sizing-1002 (US) 09/2016Replaces: DIH Sizing-1001 (US)© 2016 Kadant Inc. Example – Direct Steam Injection Heater Sizing 1. Identify the operating parameters.V=Water flow rate = 4,000 gpm∆T = Desired water temperature rise = 50 °FP w =Water inlet pressure = 10 psigP o = Water outlet pressure = 20 psig2. Determine heater size from Direct Steam Injection Heater Sizing table.For this example, the direct steam injection heater size = 12 3. Calculate the minimum required steam pressure.P s =2 x (P o – P w ) + 1.8 x (P w + 14.7) – 14.7P s = 2 x (20 – 10) + 1.8 x (10 + 14.7) – 14.7P s =49.8 psig4. Calculate the required steam flow.S=V x ∆T x 0.46S = (4,000 gpm) x (50 °F) x 0.46S =92,000 pounds of steam per hour
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