Exercise 1- MS Word 2003

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exercise sheet for MS Word 2003
  Exercise 1 – MS Word 2003 Read these instructions first. 1. Make a new file by copying the attached document. Save it usingthe file name “Exercise_1” 2. The title should have the following style:Font size : 22 Font Style : Bookman old style - bold Alignment : Center  Font color : Dark blue 3. The line’s style and weight should be 4.25pt 4. The text body should have the following style:Font size : 12 Font Style: Times New Roman Alignment: Justify Font color : Black 5. Wrapping of the inserted clip art should be square-right 6. Line spacing in the bulleted text should be set in 1.5 . 7. Make sure that the orientation of the paper is portrait and paper size is A4 .8.Set the margins as follows:Top : 1” Bottom: 1” Left: 1.5” Right: 1.25”   9. Make sure that your name is written on the header of the page andyour class schedule at the footer.10. Spell-check your document and make sure that it is free fromgrammatical or typographical error. 11. Save the file and give the filename “ Computer Fundamentals .” 12. Send the file toglennlegaspi19@yahoo.comor to j.felizadio@yahoo.comon or before the June 12, 2008.  COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS A computer is an electronic machine that acceptsdata, stores and processes data into information.The computer is able to work because there areinstructions in its memory directing it.The parts of the computer that you can see andtouch, such as the keyboard, monitor and themouse are called hardware . The instructions that direct the computer are called  software or computer program .Data which is raw facts that you the user enter into the computer is called input. This includes; words, numbers, sound and pictures. When the data is entered intothe computer, the computer processes the data to produce information which isoutput. For example, you enter 2+2 into the computer as data, the computer  processes it and the result is 4 which is information. Computers are usually categories into three general categories: ã Supercomputer – The fastest, largest, most powerful and most expensivecomputer. ã Mainframe Computer – This is a little smaller and less powerful than thesupercomputer, but, like the supercomputer it is also expensive. ã Personal Computer (PC) - This is the computer that most people use intheir daily lives. This computer is much smaller, less powerful and lessexpensive than the supercomputer and the mainframe computer. There aretwo main types of personal computers. Macintosh (Macs) and the PCcompatibles (PC). The main differences between the two are the operatingsystems and the processor they use. This category of computer has twoadditional types of computers. These are mobile computer and handheldcomputer. The most popular type of mobile computer is the notebook or laptop computer, and the handheld computer is a very small PC that youcan hold in your hand.It is important to note that, any computer; regardless of its size have an input device,output device and a system unit.
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