9th of Av, Nine Days Afther

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9th of Av
  Paltalk:  This is a G rated voice room intended for a General Audience including minors. Offensivelanguage is not permitted. Paltalk: messianicbondservantnancy, welcome to the room HHMI Beit Yacov Hebraic Congregation. Paltalk:Upgrade Now -- Get unlimited video all the time!Paltalk:Upgrade Now -- Get unlimited video all the time!Paltalk:Upgrade Now -- Get unlimited video all the time!paths2take: sabbath shalom everyone..we have to attend a funeraltoday...hope everyone has a blessed shabbat..see you nextweek  zapha333: ShabbatShalom, paths, may you be blessed and ourthoughts and prayers are with you! Paltalk:Upgrade Now -- Get unlimited video all the time!Paltalk: ====SECURITY BULLETIN!=======Clicking on a link to any site that offers -To give you a blue nickname for free,-To give you the ability to be invisible or,-To help you manipulate the Paltalk software, violates Paltalk’s Terms of Service AND/OR is a hacking site whose intention is to steal yournickname, password and/or credit card information. Remember, if you want Paltalk software or you want to LOG-IN to Paltalk, be safe and go towww.paltalk.com Paltalk:Upgrade Now -- Get unlimited video all the time! jeremiah3133: shabbat shalom all Padah: Shabbat Shalom Jeremiah  jeremiah3133: ty, padah servant_60: shabbat shalom 3133  jeremiah3133: you too, servant  jeremiah3133: what is the topic of this teaching? servant_60: i believe it is one of Eddie's teachings of the exile of the Israelites, but not for sure which one  jeremiah3133: how much did I miss? servant_60: well I got on about 7 this morning cst servant_60: he was talking then  jeremiah3133: ty, guess it's almost over servant_60: not for sure when Beit Yacov got online, but wastalking when I got on Padah: Is this a recording or is it live?  jeremiah3133: ty, servant servant_60: your welcome 3133  jeremiah3133: recording servant_60: it is a recording Padah: This is only my 2nd time on paltalk   jeremiah3133: welcome Padah Padah: ok  Padah: oh Padah: TY  servant_60: welcome to paltalk  Padah: ty servant  servant_60: your welcome padah Paltalk:Upgrade Now -- Get unlimited video all the time!hinayni_777: Shabbat Shalom yall servant_60: Shabbat shalom 777  xpert1_7: are we starting early? servant_60: no servant_60: see the banner? xpert1_7: k, ty  servant_60: yw xpert1_7: laterz, Shabbat Shalom! servant_60: later Paltalk:Upgrade Now -- Get unlimited video all the time!hinayni_777: bbl servant_60: k 777 Padah: omein Padah: Thank you for this teaching kooferkukka: shalom chaverim hakol  kooferkukka: baruch haba servant_60: Shabbat Shalom koo kooferkukka: toda raba kooferkukka: ma nisma? kooferkukka: achsav ani lechi ..lehitraot ve uvracha servant_60: koo, don't think there are many who speek or readHebrew here servant_60: english please servant_60: I know for me I am one of them that don't speak orread hebrew Padah: I do very little servant_60: I know just a few words Padah: Thank you for allowing me to sit in Padah: I'm going to take off  servant_60: your welcome, please stay Padah: Thank you, but I need to run servant_60: ok, servant_60: please come back  Padah: you bet  servant_60: great!! Padah: Shalom Servant  servant_60: look forward to seeing you again servant_60: shalom padah Paltalk:Upgrade Now -- Get unlimited video all the time!Zapha2: shabbat shalom, everyone! servant_60: Shabbat Shalom, 2 truwah: Shabbat Shalom ALL Zapha2: shabbat shalom truwah truwah: Shabbat Shalom Zapha Blessings zapha333: Has anyone noticed what has transpired this week inIsrael which might be a fulfillment of a specific prophecy? Ollam:  zapha333:What has happened? servant_60: yes zapha333: I'm sure you heard that Shimon Peres was elected  president, right? servant_60: Gaza belongs to palestine, right? servant_60: belongs to Hamas dumb-rod: it belongs to us :P zapha333: And......................Ehud Barak will assume the Defenseminister's post on Monday, right? Ollam:  zapha333:that is not good Perez is a total trader to Israel. zapha333: What scripture comes to mind when you mention,Peres, Olmert and Barak in the same breath? Ollam: Perez was jesuit trained for nine years.. servant_60: what I am saying dr is that Hamas took control of Gaza Ollam:  zapha333:What verse are you refuring to? zapha333: Zechariah 11:8: Three shepherds will I cut off in onemonth (moon), they loathe Me and I abhor them .....saints, wenow have three shepherds that fit this scripture...... Ollam:  zapha333:You can say that again,, all three of those guysare globalist.. zapha333: They are all three either former prime ministers orcurrently the prime minister zapha333: They are coming into power at time when Hamas, asyou have stated has taken over Gaza, now what scripturecomes to mind in light of these events? Ollam:  zapha333:You are ahead of me here, what verse?? zapha333: Read Amos Chapter 1........wow........... zapha333: Zechariah 11:8 deals with Peres, Olmert andBarak....Amoz Chapter 1 tells us what to expect when thesethree evil shepherds arrive on scene..... zapha333: Lebanon, Gaza, Syria and Edom are destroyed...... zapha333: and YHVH says He'll do it one moon , Zechariah 11:8 Ollam:  zapha333:They have to be destroyed so the remnant of Israel can return to their own land,, all of those places weregiven to Avraham by promise. Paltalk:Upgrade Now -- Get unlimited video all the time!zapha333: Barak will assume the defense minister's post on RoshChodesh Tammuz, Peres will assume the Presidency on RoshChodesh Av......the Ninth President.......the zapha333: the third year of 1 Kings 18:2 begings on the day afterthe 9th of Av, nine days afther Peres becomes president zapha333: 1 KIng 18:1 rather than verse 2 zapha333: The convergence of timed events for the year 2007 isoff the scale..... Ollam:  zapha333:I agree with that.. there is so much happeningits hard to keep up with it all  Ollam: Some say that 2007 will begin the return of Israel to theland,, we will see zapha333: There will be a horrible war this year in Israel, this may  be the Gog uMagog war of Ezekiel 38 & 39.....this will see thebirth of Zion, the revealing of Eliyahu Ha Navi and MosheRabbeinu and the ingathering of the House of Israel..... Ollam:  Judah is already there, now its time for Ephraim to return zapha333: The letter tet is the ninth letter and in modernhebrew looks like a serpent, which Shimon Peres definitelyrepresents. Ollam: Perez gave the deed of the old city Jerusalem to thevatican.. hows that for being a traitor? Ollam: Perez means divider  zapha333: everyone needs to be prepared, packed and ready to gofrom now on, for the call to return to Zion is comingsoon............ servant_60: don't we have to go thru the tribulation first before wego? zapha333: IF the timing sequence of Amos 1 concerning the greatearthquake, then when these events take place we know weare 2 years from the earthquake of Zechariah 14 Ollam:  zapha333: Thank for the information.. Yah bless zapha333: we are assembled upon the mountains of Israel, theBirth of Zion, then we flee to moutn Horeb for the making of the covenant of peace, Exodus 34:10, Genesis 15:18 zapha333: this might mean that there are two years of theingathering upon the mountains b4 we flee thru the mount of olives split by the great earthquake zapha333: the revealing of Eliyahu Ha Navi as is foretold in 1 Kings18 1 & 2 is upon us.....you will see him and Moshe in shortperiod of time.... zapha333: If Ariel Sharon is the Ahab of I Kings 18: 1 & 2, thenyou will see resurrected Sharon who will order thedestruciton of Palestinians, Leban on, Syria and Edom as Amossays emje48: are you saying that everything what happend back thenwill repeat itself in a diff setting? zapha333: I hope that Ariels order to remove the Jews from theirhomes in Gaza was for the sole purpose of setting up thedestruction of Gaza as Amos prophesied so that no Jews wouldbe there to be destroyed.... zapha333: absolutel, emje.... zapha333: absolutely emje48: okay emje48: there is a simularity i agree moongoddess1:www.tilereadings.comzapha333: Eliyahu will return as he left, with smoking holes of rebellious people, aka the captains of 50 as is written emje48: when someone comesin typ link and leave its not a good
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