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13-Aug-17 PRINDLE HOBIE 20 Miracle Helm/Crew Date Time Helm/Crew Date Time Dirk Jan Kramers/Dalhuijsen 11-Jun-98 28.27 Tony & PH van Thiel & Nick Saeby 10-Nov-06 26.40 Erik Dalhuijsen/Kramers
  13-Aug-17 PRINDLEHOBIE 20 Miracle Helm/CrewDae!imeHelm/CrewDae!imeDir #a$ %ramer&/Dal'ui(&e$11-#u$-)*2*+27!,$ . PH a$ !'iel . Nic ae10-N,-02+0 Erik Dalhuijsen/Kramers11-Jun-9830.54Klaus Mueller/Hank Koelemij7-u!-9731.11 HOBIE 1*NACRA 20 Helm/CrewDae!imeHelmDae!imePeer 4,$(ee/Marc Peer&2-A5r-)*27+206i$ce$ He$g&/)-#ul-028+3 HOBIE 1 NACRA 91*Helm/CrewDae!imeHelmDae!imeMa'aeu& / Luca :alc'er13-Aug-172+836,l er 6a're$ am5/#,e Cummi$g&1-Dec-02+18 on# / $aul Henri %an hiel&3-'e(-07&5.04)olker )ahrenkam*/Joe +ummin!s&7-Jan-0,&8.05Da%e +lark / )ioria rain!er4-e*-03&5.&7 on# / $aul Henri %an hiel&3-'e(-07&5.40 !OPPER Mahaeus / ua 2alher&01,&,.&7 HelmDae!ime on# / Eri %an hiel13-*r-01&,.35 D,uwe ic ler-#ul-038)+00 Da%e +lark / )ioria rain!er4-e*-03&7.07 on# / Eri %an hiel&3-Ma#-03&7.10o( / Mihiel ieuenhuis &8-u!-15&7.17 OP!IMI! Joe 6ilsein / +hiara +ei&8-u!-15&7.&& HelmDae!ime )olker )ahrenkam* / 're ourke 11-u!-0,&7.3& #e$ Heller17-#ul-031+31+03 Da%e +lark / Jane iolson13-*r-01&7.39Doue ikler 11-Jul-031.4&.45o( ieuenhuis / +huk Heller&3-Ma#-03&7.39)olker )ahrenkam*1-Jun-031.45.00 homas +lark 8 1/& #ears&0-*r-08&.09.30o( Mink&3-Ma#-03&.33.30 LAER NameDae!ime %E!REL D,uwe ic ler -#ul-038+00Helm/CrewDae!ime on# %an hiel5-Jan-0,47.30 R,; La$ce /D,m+ %$,wle&28-#ul-)78+30 Ken reene&8-u!-1548.15$eer 6enjamins/Heinrih ohenho:er4-De-97,5.00Jamie ear&8-u!-1550.4, nre om(ekke&8-u!-9751.45 :IND <R9ER eanislan&8-u!-1553.37 NameDae!imeN,l a$ ;e Haer;1-Oc-0333+2) LAER 2000 oerik Kooiman,-Jan-9841.&3 Helm/CrewDae!ime ol %an e Haer&5-e*-0343.&0 Dae L,$g/=e'i$ !',ma&7-#u$-031+0)+08Rule&>1 ar ?r,m a$; ?i$i&' ,$ ,a clu eac' ewee$ w, ram5&+ Ar,u$; i&la$; ,$ 5,r ,r &ar,ar;2 !imi$g  B,a&ma$ ,r ,'er ,??icial ime ee5er+ Blue Ri,$3 !ime &ar&> la& ?,, li?e; ?r,m ,,m/eac'+ !ime e$;&> 9ir& ,uc' ,? eac'=,l;e$ Duc  :ear li?e (ac e& a$; e$&ure re&cue ,a i& aailale  R,u$; !'e I&la$; aili$g Rec,r;& Re 23 9e 07Dae Blue Ri,$H,ie 19a&e&!,$ a$ !'ielPaul-He$ri a$ !'iel28282/23/2007--=,l;e$ Duc O5imi&9a&e&#e$ Heller)13207/17/20038211 Nacra 201+2239a&e&6i$ce$ He$g&283311*7/)/20020*H,ie 201+2239a&e&!,$ a$ !'ielPH a$ !'iel . Nic ea2032311/10/20020*Nacra 91*1+1)9a&e&6,l er 6a're$ am5#,e Cummig&218301012/1/20022*Nacra 91*1+1)ec,$;6,l er 6a're$ am5#,e Cummig&2*83211/27/20022*Nacra I$er 1*1+1)0022*H,ie 11+0009a&e&!,$ a$ !'ielPaul-He$ri a$ !'iel28282/23/2007H,ie 11+000ec,$;Dae Clar 6ic,ria =rai$ger28272827)/8/2003H,ie 11+000!'ir;!,$ a$ !'ielPaul-He$ri a$ !'iel2802802/23/2007H,ie 1*1+07*9a&e&Peer 4,$(eeMarc Peer&27202)2*/2/1))*233  ll Pri$;le 10+)79a&e&Dir #a$ %ramer&Eric Dal'ui(&e$2*27273/11/1))*Pri$;le 10+)7ec,$;Eric Dal'ui(&e$Dir #a$ %ramer&308307/11/1))* ime Pri$;le 10+)7!'ir;%lau& MuellerHa$ %,elemi( 31113023*/7/1))7%e&rel0+7739a&e&R,; La$ceD,m %$,wle&83033)7/28/1))7%e&rel0+773ec,$;Peer Be$(ami$&Hei$ric' R,'e$',?er80801312//1))7 eors La&er 0+79a&e&D,uwe ic lerNA80332)7//2003311La&er 0+7ec,$;A$;re ,me eNA8183*30*/2*/1))7311La&er 0+7!'ir;R,er %ar&elNA888)13)*/2*/1))7311La&er 20000+739a&e&Dae L,$g=e'i$ !',ma&)88083/7/2003332!,55er 0+229a&e&D,uwe ic lerNA8)0317/1/2003088O5imi&0+*79a&e&#e$ HellerNA)13227/17/20038211O5imi&0+*7ec,$;D,uwe ic lerNA)70717/11/20038211O5imi&0+*7!'ir;6,l er 6a're$ am5NA10808110/1/20038211O5imi&0+)119,ur'!',ma& Clar NA12)+8011*17/11/20038211O5imi&0+*79i?'R, Mi$ NA18330778/23/20038211:i$;&ur?er9a&e&N,l a$ ;e Haer;NA332)0010/1/2003:i$;&ur?erec,$;R,;eric %,,ima$NA123001//1))*:i$;&ur?er!'ir;N,l a$ ;e Haer;NA32000)/28/2003 Acual Ela5&e; !imeN,rmali&e; , a H1 !imeCla&& ime , ea H1  Paddle Times No.NameCrafClassCommentsClock TimeFinish TimeTotal Time 10 Brad Holliday Fenn S1 07.15am 0:45:00 1:36:52 0:51:5213 Richard (DickFenn !li e S1 07.15am 0:45:00 1:37:57 0:52:574 #a$l Sher%oo !#&' 10S S1 07.15am 0:45:00 1:42:2) 0:57:2)5 Richard (Dick Fenn *+ S1 07.15am 0:45:00 1:43:16 0:5,:1623 #e er -ilon Fenn S1 07.15am 0:45:00 1:4,:24 1:03:2415 +om -hi eheaFenn S1 07.15am 0:45:00 1:52:33 1:07:336 Brian -ilon /iion !co B 1 07.00am 0:30:00 1:3,:32 1:0,:32, oic Baale #addleyak S%i 1 07.00am 0:30:00 1:3,:42 1:0,:421 #e er Harrion/irae 5,0 1 07.00am 0:30:00 1:3):33 1:0):332 #a$l Sander Da /id%ay 2 06.45am 0:15:00 1:24:50 1:0):5012 Daid lo alley 8$ana 1 07.00am 0:30:00 1:3):57 1:0):5721 S ee 9one /iion 420 2 ne% cl$ oa 06.45am 0:15:00 1:31:33 1:16:3324 /ike Reddy Red ;h< 2 06.45am 0:15:00 1:35:33 1:20:3316 ler o /io o#erce ion 14 2 06.45am 0:15:00 1:3,:1, 1:23:1,) ndy Ra%lin /iion 420 2 cl$ oa 06.45am 0:15:00 1:3,:50 1:23:5025 /ike +hrane =ecky !laho< 1 07.00am 0:30:00 1:5,:34 1:2,:3420 /i$el Serra /iion 420 2 rom oa cl$ 06.30am 0:15:00 1:46:16 1:31:1614 +im Rean /iion >lide 2 06.45am 0:15:00 1:4,:43 1:33:4322 9alood +a%8i /iion ?o% 3 rom oa cl$ 06.30am 0:00:00 1:40:45 1:40:453 /iion $re D3 rom oa cl$ 06.30am 0:00:00 1:4):41 1:4):4117 Daniel #almerS@#A S aroar #1 06.30am 0:00:00 1:53:34 1:53:341, ri i #almer S@#A S aroar #1 06.30am 0:00:00 1:55:36 1:55:36 Starng Time Rama$ramanian >oma hi =ayakamBhara hi Ramachandran
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