Information Security

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Information Security
  Informaton securiy, cybersecuriy, IT securiy, and compuer securiy are all erms ha we oen use inerchangeably. I know ha I do.I’ve wrien a lo abou hose areas for he pas several years. I notce ha sometmes I swich beween he erms in an artcle simply o avoid repeatng he same phrases over and over again in my prose.ery oen, i’s legitmae o use he erms inerchangeably. !ompuers deal wih informaton. ITsecuriy is a face of informaton echnology, which usually applies o compuers. !ompuer securiy dio. !ybersecuriy is de#ned as proectng sysems from cyber hreas. $!yber% is de#ned by &erriam'(ebser as somehing $of, relaed o, or involving compuers or compuer neworks.%)o, I’m alking abou a few di*eren erms ha generally mean he same hing. I migh be useful o e+amine he srcins of hose erms o appreciae heir meanings beer.I believe miliary communicatons and pre'digial ciphers marked he genesis of informaton securiy as a whole. ne of he saddes faces of he hisory of humaniy is ha war has always been wih us. -ven way back in he .!. tmes when bronosauruses worked as dishwashers in cavemen kichens, ribes, civili/atons, clans, and natons have waned o kill ohers in he 0ues for power. 1kay, I’m an Info)ec wrier, no an anhropologis. &aybe wooly mammohs worked in cavemen kichens insead. I only have he 2anna arbara hisorical record o go by, I’m afraid.3ne of he keys o success in war is o make sure ha he enemy doesn’ know where or how you’re going o srike and o #gure ou wha he enemy plans o do. )o, crypography predaes elecronic compuers by housands of years. !rypography is a key componen of informaton securiy. !rypography’s aim is o keep daa only accessible by he inended recipien. Tha applies o he monoalphabetc substuton ciphers used around 455 o 655 .!. as much as i does o he 7-) ciphers used oday.(ha we usually hink of as crypography, digial crypography, daes back o innovatons made during (orld (ar II. The cipher machines of ha era weren’ really digial. They were elecro'mechanical. The -nigma series of machines were amongs he earlies, invened by 8erman engineer 7rhur )cherbius oward he end of he #rs (orld (ar and used commercially hroughou he 9:;5s. I was he primary crypographic echnology ha was used by <a/i 8ermany in (orld (ar II, so he 7llied powers worked very hard o crack i.=redatng (orld (ar II, here was already progress in he crypanalysis of -nigma. In 9:;:, he =olish !ipher ureau sared o employ mahematcians by invitng sudens a =o/nan >niversiy o ake a class on crypology. y 9:?;, =o/nan graduaes &arian @eAewski, 2enryk Bygalski and Cer/y @o/ycki were working for he =olish !ipher ureau on a full'tme basis. !oncurrenly, a Drench spy, 2ans'Thilo )chmid, had in#lraed 8ermany’s !ipher Ece in erlin.  Tha reminds me of how social engineering is always a maAor informaton securiy risk. I’s oen overlooked by laypeople who hink $hacking% is yping commands in a erminal a ?55 words per minue as depiced by 2ollywood. $Tha hacker is ou'hacking ha oher hackerF 2is yping is so much faser han his enemy’s, and he looks much suaver in a hoodieF%!racking -nigma re0uired some echnical and mahematcal brilliance, bu fooling <a/i 8ermanyino hinking ha a spy was on heir side was insrumenal. )chmid’s espionage helped he =olish !ipher ureau ac0uire key -nigma documenaton from he 8ermans. @eAewski used hose documens and commenced his crypanalysis of -nigma wih a couple of hours of work each day near he end of 9:?;.Guring (orld (ar II, riain’s miliary crypanalysis e*or was head0uarered a lechley =ark. 7lan Turing, he famous compuer science pioneer, was employed by he >H’s 8overnmen !ode and !ypher )chool by 9:? Aus before he (ar. 2e worked under Gilly Hno+, a senior codebreaker. The day aer riain declared war on 8ermany in )epember 9:?:, Turing, Hno+, and 8! J !) operatons in general moved o lechley =ark.riain was focused on cracking -nigma from ha base, and =olish !ipher ureau breakhroughsfrom he early 9:?5s were essental o hose e*ors. !racking 8erman elecro mechanic -nigma and Koren/ ciphers may have been a key facor in he 7llied powers winning he (ar by 9:L6.-<I7!’s debu in 9:L4 heralded he adven of digial computng. =G= mainframe compuers drove &IT innovaton in he 65s and 45s. y he early 9:M5s, many large corporatons were cusomers of I& mainframe echnology. Gaa on corporae mainframes oen constued indusry rade secres and sensitve daa peraining o clien ransactons. 7lso, he >.). governmen ident#ed a need o keep unclassi#ed bu sensitve daa secure. The work of crypographer 2ors Deisel addressed boh realms. 2is Kucifer cipher for I& was an essental precursor o he developmen of G-) for he <atonal )ecuriy 7gency.)o, informaton securiy predaes digial compuers, bu compuer securiy and cybersecuriy were born from compuer science innovatons ha sared Aus aer (orld (ar II.Heeping informaton secure for he hisory of daa predatng elecronic compuers 1such as ancien crypography3 o his very day falls under he banner of informaton securiy. !ompuer securiy and cybersecuriy are compleely inerchangeable erms, and re0uire digial compuer echnology from 9:L4’s -<I7! o now. !ompuer securiy and cybersecuriy are boh children of informaton securiy.IT securiy is informaton securiy as i perains o informaton echnology. Informaton echnology is a child of compuer science. IT is he applicaton of compuer science for practcal purposes, largely for indusry 1mainframes, supercompuers, daaceners, servers, =!s and mobile devices as endpoins for worker ineracton3 and consumers 1=!s, mobile devices, IoT devices, and video game console endpoins for end'user lifesyles.3 IT securiy can probably be  used inerchangeably wih cybersecuriy, compuer securiy and informaton securiy if i perains o business.Dor e+ample, ha paper shredder is an informaton securiy measure bu i’s no really a device for cybersecuriy or compuer securiy. The paper shredder can be considered a facor in IT securiy if a corporaton’s informaton securiy policy mandaes is use.-nsuring proper 2TT=) implemenaton for an e'commerce websie or mobile app falls under cybersecuriy and compuer securiy, so i’s informaton securiy, as well. 7nd a corporaton’s IT deparmen works on he e'commerce websie’s 2TT=) implemenaton, so i’s IT securiy, as well.In he ;9s cenury, informaton securiy, cybersecuriy, compuer securiy, and IT securiy are oen, bu no always, inerchangeable erms. 7bou he 7uhorN Him !rawley spen years working in general ter wo consumer ech suppor, mos of which as a represenatve of (indsream, a secondary 7merican I)=. &alware'relaed tckes inrigued her, and her knowledge grew from #+ing malware problems on housands of clien =!s. 2er curiosiy led her o research malware as a hobby, which grew ino an ineres in all hings informaton securiy relaed. y ;599, she was already ghoswritng sudy maerial for he Info)ec Instue’s !I))= and !-2 cert#caton e+am preparaton programs. -ver since, she’s conribued artcles on a variey of informaton securiy opics o !I, !), !ompuerworld, )! &aga/ine, and ;455 &aga/ine. 2er #rs solo developed =! game, 2ackers ersus anksers, hada successful Hicksarer and was feaured a he Torono !omic 7rs Destval in &ay ;594. This cober, she gave her #rs alk a an Info)ec conventon, a peneraton estng presenaton a )ides Torono.-dior’s <oeN The opinions e+pressed in his gues auhor artcle are solely hose of he conribuor, and do no necessarily reOec hose of Tripwire, Inc.
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