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  Iskcon Inc. Greater CincinnatiLudlow,USA. 441 Elm St.Ludlow, KYcontact:  Jagadananda Gauranga dasa We are a unincorporated association of devotees named ISKCON, Inc. of Greater Cincinnati registered here under the laws of Kentucky on date Feb.23, 2013In a meeting of the trustees/directors/association of devotees of  Iskcon Inc. Greater Cincinnati , we have resolved to affiliate with International Societyfor Krishna Consciousness, Inc.,( ISKCON ) registered on July 13, 1966 inNY, USA, by His Divine Grace A. C.B haktivedanta Swami Prabhupada,thereby founding ISKCON. The Society is currently based at the ISKCONLong Island temple at 197 South Ocean Avenue, Freeport, New York, USA11520This provisional affiliation is done on the condition that a Constitution,enumerating the duties/qualification/powers/election rules/removal processetc. of a Governing Body Commission, TPs, Sanyasis, Temple Members,what is a temple vs center vs namahatta (unincorporated association of devotees), etc., relationship between GBC/TP/Sanyasi, rights/duties of members, who is a member, etc., will be drafted and put to vote foradoption among each of the affiliates, including the ISKCON Long Islandtemple and our temple/center/farm/association .This voting for adoption shall take place, no later than Srila Prabhupada'sAppearance Day, 2013 which falls on ...(pls fill in the date). It is understood  that the Constitution shall be fully consistent with the Direction of Management, and all other written directives of His Divine GraceA.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.There are no affiliate fees. Our first obligation as an affiliate is to take part intogether drafting the Constitution of ISKCON.We understand that if we do not agree to the Constitution in its final form, weare not bound to continue our affiliation with ISKCON. Inc. We alsounderstand that upon adoption of the Constitution it will become bindingupon all affiliates and signatories.We will participate in the election of a representative to the GBC from ourregion from among the leaders of temple/center/farm/association affiliatesfrom our region as soon as possible. This election will be conducted byISKCON, Inc., consistent with the Direction of Management. The individualrepresentatives shall be members of the GBC of ISKCON, Inc.Until the ISKCON Constitution is adopted, the qualification, rules, duties of the GBCs/TP etc. shall be as per Srila Prabhupada's Direction of Management and his other written instructions as incorporated in the currentCertificate of Incorporation of ISKCON, Inc. The powers and functions of the GBC and other authorities shall be specified in the Constitution.During this period of our provisional affiliation with ISKCON, Inc. weunderstand that we are permitted to add the following statement to ourpublications like websites, letterhead, visiting cards, etc.: Affiliated with: International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Inc.,( ISKCON ) NY (estd 1966).Founder & Acharya His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta SwamiPrabhupada .  We understand that our name Iskcon Inc. Greater Cincinnati “ Will be added to ISKCON, Inc.'s Centers lists around the World , andhereby consent to such addition.Signed this day 23 of Feb,2013in Ludlow, KY   ,USA (city, state, Country)_____________________  Jagadananda Gauranga dasa President
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