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The Genelaogy of Kumundai Tatontos
  A Genealogy Report For KUMUNDAI TATONTOS Created on 19 April 2010 The Complete Genealogy Reporter © 2006-2009 Nigel Bufton Softwareunder license to MyHeritage Family Tree Builder   CONTENTS1. PATERNAL ANCESTRY2. MATERNAL ANCESTRY3. DESCENDANTS4. DIRECT RELATIONS5. INDIRECTLY RELATED via ONSILAH MANGANTORE6. INDIRECTLY RELATED via DOLOWENTENG UNKNOWN7. FAMILY TREES8. INDEX OF PLACES9. INDEX OF DATES10. INDEX OF INDIVIDUALS  1. PATERNAL ANCESTRY Mr. Tatontos 333 Juele Tatontos 315 Ms. Unknown 334 Page 2  2. MATERNAL ANCESTRY Ganape Unknown 344 Tatuil Unknown 335 Dalako Unknown 357  Temurang Unknown 345 David Kensel Unknown 406  Andris Unknown 397   Nona Putih Unknown 407  An toni Unknown 382 Balango Unknown 408 Mawolang Unknown 398 Tida Unknown 409 Pati Unknown 370 Papungpaniring Unknown 383 Penisang Unknown 358 Taukihuang Unknown 371 Bombolang Unknown 316 Sahionge Unknown 346  Tendenang Unknown 336  Mendege Unknown 384 Lepi Unknown 372 Bohonaung Unknown 410 Tumaida Unknown 399 Lohoraung Unknown 440  Naleng Unknown 436  Pohawontoka Unknown 441 Tolo Unknown 430 Mr. Medelu 463 Melintanusa Unknown 458 Ms. Mekila 464 Bulegalangi Unknown 452 Sangianghiabe Unknown 459 matandatu Unknown 449 Menongkawua Unknown 453 Makalupa Unknown 442 Beweusangiang Unknown 450 Lekumpatola Unknown 437  Kindisanggiang Unknown 443 Tompoliu Unknown 424 Ahungsehiwu Unknown 431 santiago Unknown 414 lawewe Unknown 425 Somponaiman Unknown 411  Numenang Unknown 415 Taukawaliang Unknown 385 Sangianpia Unknown 400 Takaluhude Unknown 359 Bangkelang Unknown 373 Liundampele Unknown 347  Awena Unknown 360 Page 3
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