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Common Effluent Treatment Plant Performance & Improvement; Issues and Opportunities Seminar on Technology Solution for Environment Upgradation Forest & Environmental Department Government of Gujarat Gandhinagar July 07, 2012 Dr. S. R. Wate, Director CSIR-National Environmental Engine
  1 Forest & Environmental Department Government of Gujarat Gandhinagar  July 07, 2012 Common Effluent Treatment Plant Performance & Improvement; Issues and Opportunities CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research InstituteNagpur    ISO 9001-2008 Dr. S. R. Wate,Director   Seminar on Technology Solution for Environment Upgradation  2 ã InIndia,Small&MediumScaleEnterprises(SMEs)contributesignificantlytoglobaleconomybutfacestiffenvironmentalregulations. ã QuantityofwastewatergeneratedfromSMEsmaynotbelarge,butunfortunatelyitaggregatestobeamajorpollutioncontributor. ã MoEFissuedanotificationinJanuary,1991toensurecomplianceof EnvironmentalStandardsinpollutingindustries. ã MoEFformulated15pointprogrammeforpriorityactiontopromoteandsetupCommonEffluentTreatmentPlants(CETPs)inclustersofsmallscaleindustrialunitsacrossthecountry. ã CETPislistedamong54pollutingindustries.Small & Medium Scale Enterprises  3 SMEs do not have wastewater treatment facilities due to the following reasons: ã Huge capital investment for installation of effluent management systems. ã High operation & maintenance expenditure such as skilled manpower, energy, chemicals and laboratory. ã Land availability constraint. ã Lack of awareness and understanding the seriousness of the environmental issues. Problems in SMEs  4 The major objectives of CETP while protecting the environment  include, ã Achieving ‘economy of scale’ in waste treatment, thereby reducing cost of pollution abatement for individual industry. ã Minimizing problem of lack of technical assistance and trained personnel. ã Solving the problem of lack of space in the individual industry as centralized facility can be planned in advance to ensure that adequate space is available. ã Homogenization of wastewater for heterogeneous industrial cluster. ã Reducing the problems of monitoring by the regulatory bodies. ã Organizing the disposal of treated effluent & sludge. ã Improving the possibilities of recycle/reuse. ã Improving public image & employer morale. ã CETP is concept of treating effluents by means of a collective effort mainly for a cluster of SMEs units. ã Concept is similar to the Municipal Corporation of cities and towns treating sewage of all the individual houses. Common effluent treatment plant (CETP) Objectives of CETP
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