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Introduction U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is pleased to present this annual report which outlines the significant work ICE has carried out to ensure the national security and public safety of the United States. On a daily basis, ICE aggressively uses powerful immigration and customs authorities to protect the American people from the illegal introduction of goods and the entry of terrorists and other criminals seeking to cross our nation’s borders. ICE entirely reengineered t
  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ã ICE Fiscal Year 2006 Annual Reportiii Introduction U.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is pleased topresent this annual report which outlines the significant work ICEhas carried out to ensure the national security and public safety of the United States.On a daily basis,ICE aggressively uses powerfulimmigration and customs authorities to protect the American peo-ple from the illegal introduction of goods and the entry of terror-ists and other criminals seeking tocross our nation’s borders.ICE entirely reengineered thedetention and removal processand adopted a business modelapproach for efficiently removingaliens and dangerous criminalsfrom the country.ICE also createda new paradigm for enforcing thenation’s immigration laws,incor-porating a wide array of investiga-tions and crimes in worksiteenforcement and critical infra-structure protection efforts,including bringing felony charges instead of just traditional admin-istrative sanctions.ICE is educating the private sector to gain itssupport in identifying and addressing systemic vulnerabilities.Inaddition,ICEcontinues to protect thousands of federal facilities andtheir occupants across the country.In short,whether ICE agents and officers are investigating the indi-viduals,the methods or the financing involved in internationalcriminal organizations,human smugglers,child predators,armsand strategic technology traffickers,ICE is at the forefront of theDepartment of Homeland Security’s efforts to create a safer,moresecure homeland.I hope this annual report helps you understand more fully ICE’smany responsibilities and our numerous accomplishments duringthe last year.Julie L.MyersAssistant SecretaryU.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ã ICE Fiscal Year 2006 Annual Reportv Executive Summary Fiscal Year 2006 (FY06) was a year of many records for ICE.Build-ing upon the strong foundation established during its formativeyears,ICE in FY06 succeeded in implementing many new initia-tives that are transforming the agency into a premiere 21st centurylaw enforcement institution.During the last 12 months,ICEset new records for enforcementactivity,ended the long-standingpractice of “catch and release,”launched major new initiatives,developed a framework foreliminating ICE’s long-standingfinancial challenges,andimproved the managementand morale of the agency.In FY06,ICE set new records forworksite enforcement by increas-ing the number of arrests seven-fold over the last five years sincethe Immigration and Naturalization Service’s (INS) last full year of operation in 2002.ICE is now criminally charging and seizing theassets of unscrupulous employers to create the kind of deterrencethat was previously absent in worksite enforcement efforts,andachieving measurable success.ICE also ended the practice of “catch and release”along the bor-ders,an accomplishment that many considered impossible in 2005when only 29 percent of apprehended non-Mexican aliens weredetained along the border.Using Expedited Removal authority,ICE succeeded in reducing theaverage length of stay in custody for aliens placed in expeditedremoval proceedings to approximately 19 days,down significantlyfrom the average of 90 days for aliens in traditional proceedings.ICE also increased its use of the Justice Prisoner and Alien Trans-portation System,expanded its use of video teleconferencing tech-nology at foreign consulates,and established the DetentionOperations Coordination Center to maximize detention capacity.All of these efforts resulted in the increased efficiency of theremoval process,and a record number of alien removals.In FY06,ICE removed 185,431 illegal aliens from the country,a ten percentincrease over the number of removals in FY05. ICE set new records forworksite enforcement arrestsand ended the practiceof “catch and release”along the borders.
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