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The National Insurance Board of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas Request for Proposal Overseas Preferred Provider Organization OHSU Department The National Insurance Board Head Office Jumbey Village Nassau, Bahamas (242)502-1500 1.1 Introduction The National Insurance Board (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”) was established by the Government of The Bahamas to provide, social security coverage in the form of benefit payments to insured persons and their dependents, against the following
    The National Insurance Board of theCommonwealth of The Bahamas Request for Proposal   Overseas Preferred ProviderOrganization OHSU DepartmentThe National Insurance Board Head OfficeJumbey VillageNassau, Bahamas(242)502-1500    The National Insurance Board  -2- 1.1 Introduction The National Insurance Board (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”) wasestablished by the Government of The Bahamas to provide, social securitycoverage in the form of benefit payments to insured persons and theirdependents, against the following contingencies: Sickness, Invalidity, Maternity,Retirement, Funeral, Industrial Injury, including Medical Care, Disablement andDeath and Survivors Benefit on the death of the family’s bread winner.The Board is interested in receiving bids from Preferred Provider Organizations(PPO) locally and overseas who offer network services for international clientsreceiving medical care. This RFP is intended to identify the organization that canbest serve the needs of The Board outlined in the objectives below: 1. Assure quality medical care to approved medical care recipientsreceiving treatment in the United States.2. Ensure accurate and fair billing practices by overseas providers.3. Achieve efficient and cooperative interaction between the chosenPPO and the Board’s staff.4. Maximize medical savings rates.5. Provide the highest level of service possible to The Board and itsinsured. The Board is seeking a PPO partner that can assist the organization in reachingthese goals. The Board will continue to pay the providers directly but will agreeto utilize exclusively, the selected PPO’s network of providers and serviceswhenever possible.Currently, The Board expends approximately $1,200,000.00 for medical care inthe U.S. annually. This amount is expected to continue to rise for three reasons: 1. Increase in the number of insured2. Extended demand for specialized care3. The Boards expanding role to other services At present, The Board does not have a contractual relationship with any PPO.    The National Insurance Board  -3- 2.1 RFP Requirements A. Due date: The Board must receive the RPF described in this document by 30th day ofApril 2007. B. Scoring: The Board will score each proposal and utilize this score to identifyobjectively, those respondents most qualified to advance, based in the criteriacontained in the “Technical Proposal” segment. Those applicants chosen toadvance will be invited to participate in an interview process, conducted at theoffices of the Board, in Nassau, Bahamas. The Board reserves the right toselect an awardee based on the processes noted above and on best-fit basiswith the organizations current and future requirements. C. Number of copies The Board request that four copies of the proposal be submitted in boundformat. D. Contact Information All inquires and communications regarding your proposal should be sent to: Mr. Lennox McCartney - Director The National Insurance Board P.O.Box N-7508, Jumbey Village, Nassau, Bahamas Email:   Applicants are prohibited from discussing their proposal with any other partyexcept those identified in this RPF and may be disqualified for non-compliance with this demand.E. Time of Agreement The Board will enter into a three-year agreement with the awardee. Thecontract will carry a 120-day cancellation clause. Review meetings may beheld monthly to determine if performance standards are being achieved andwill be utilized to avoid contract related concerns. F. Exclusivity The Board will agree as noted to use the selected PPO as the exclusiveoverseas network for services unless medical necessity demands that othernon-par facilities are considered. In non-elective cases, the chosen networkwill be expected to work directly with The Board to determine the benefits ofselecting a specific, non-par provider. In the aforementioned cases, and incases of emergency treatment where provider selection is not possible, thenetwork will be expected to assist in negotiating rates on behalf of the Board.    The National Insurance Board  -4- 3.1 Technical Proposal A. Describe your organization including the following (Value 14 points) This selection should provide The Board with a clear understanding of thenature, mission and background of your organization. 1. Corporate History : Please include founding date, date ofincorporation, state of incorporation and locations of offices. 2. Services offered3. Overall Experience . Experience in The Bahamas, past and current.Bidders should have extensive experience in PPO specializing ininternational service and payors, including The Bahamas. 4. Information Technology , Describe the nature of infrastructure thatwill be in place to track claims and interface with The Board. 5. Management . Describe and include an organizational chart 6. Reporting . Briefly describe your current reporting capabilities. Use ofexamples is expected. 7. Key   capabilities . Identify those unique and defining characteristics ofyour organization. 8. References . Include the name and address and telephone numbersof two current references and/or two current Bahamian references (ifavailable), comparable in size/needs to The Board. 9. Statement of Solvency and audited financials (if available) for theprevious business year. B. Describe the coverage of your network (Value 15 points) This selection should provide The Board with an understanding of the scope(geographic coverage) of your network. Describe the network coverage on anoverall basis with an emphasis on the Florida component. Please feel free todescribe facilities, specialists and ancillary services in broad terms.Please include the following: 1. Number and type of providers by gross category (hospital,physician, ancillary) in Florida.
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