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Society of St Michael's & Kingsbury St Michael's Village Newsletter Winter 2018 no 62 Visit our website: Message from your Committee We wish all our readers a very Happy New Year. Thank you to all those who attended the AGM and entered the photo competition. We had a very good attendance this year and an interesting
    St Michael's Village Newsletter Winter 2018 no 62   V isit our website: . Message from your Committee We wish all our readers a very Happy New Year. Thank you to all those who attended the AGM and entered the photo competition. We had a very good attendance this year and an interesting talk from Annie rewster. We are sad to say good!ye to one of our long standing residents ack #night$ who passed away recently. An o!ituary to ack is on the !ack page. Society of St Michael's & Kingsbury Did you see the Kingfisher? %arge lenses were out in the park in &ecem!er as our #ingfisher was spotted once again. Thanks to ill 'ree for this lovely photo. We are still waiting for your subscriptions Thank you to those who have contri!uted this year. 'or those of you who have not yet given us your () annual su!scription please let Guy Marshall$ * #ings +oad or any mem!er of the ,ommittee have your contri!ution.-t is easy to pay on line /ort ,ode *012314) Account num!er 00403)43 Blue Anchor – View saved for now!  All credit must go to Andrew de ,sillery and the residents of 'ishpool /treet plus our local councillors. The planning committee in &ecem!er voted )14 to re5ect the latest application made !y 6sprey &evelopments$on the grounds that it is on green !elt land and for the damage such a development would do to the character of the conservation area. 6ver *0 o!5ections were received from local residents$ including one from //M# on !ehalf of 700 households.  Photograh Cometition The 4083 //M# 9hotographic ,ompetition was won !y a stunning photo of two people dressed up as large red flowers$ as part of the #ing:s +oad in loom competition held in uly.The pri;e !ottle of wine was presented to Alison from No 83 !y Guy Marshall <//M# Mem!ership /ecretary=$ at The 9ortland Arms$ where most of the residents from the street had gathered for mulled wine and mince pies$ following the annual ,arol singing under the lamp1post at the end of the alley event. Guy Marshall  2017 AGM - 15  th  Noveber ! t# Michael$s %arish &entre chool ening 6n 8 st  Novem!er the new e>tension to /t. Michael:s school was opened. A good crowd$ including the ishop of /t. Al!ans$ had gathered at 2am to see the oldest child in the school aged 88 and the youngest aged ? 5ointly cut the ri!!on and enter the school together. The school !ell was rung$ which has not happened for the past 80 years. The e>tension now allows children at the lower school to have lunch in their own !uilding rather than having to walk up to the upper school every day. The e>tension was designed !y the architect 9eter aker from /ynergy and !uilt !y +o! ,laridge from ,laridge @ Hall uilders. Chairman#s $eort – Bill %ree 6ur main activity in 4083 was a refur!ishment of the !eachB at the former ford site in the village. 6n 8st April we spread ) tonnes of gravel to cover the mud and restore the appearance of this important feature at the heart of our village.We also arranged a guided tour of the A!!ey in  August including a talk on the history of the church and a walk around all the main features. This was very interesting$ revealing many aspects of this wonderful !uilding that most of us had !een unaware of.6ur Treasurer$ arrie Giles$ outlined the financial statement for the society C which was a little depleted this year$ as a result of the works to the ford.We had a lengthy de!ate concerning the proposed development at the lue Anchor and the condition of the park$ lake and river. The committee have undertaken to pay more attention to these 408D.'inally$ ,ouncillor Annie rewster gave a very interesting talk a!out the new museum$ !eing shoehorned into the old town hall site. We were impressed !y the am!ition of the pro5ect and the !enefits that it will !ring to /t Al!ans.//M# have provided a pro5ector to !e shared with the 9arish ,entre$ kindly donated !y one of our mem!er:s !usiness.  - & A'BA( )*'D'*%+ ,A$D+( ,$ )*(, )*&- &-+ -+'P % ' CA' C-A$*&*+ A(D V '.(&++$ The wildlife garden in Eerulamium 9ark has !een improving thanks to a partnership !etween local charities and a dedicated group of volunteers.Herts and Middlese> Wildlife Trust$ that cares for the wildlife garden$ teamed up with local homeless charity$ Fmmaus$ and HA,+6$ an organisation that assists e>1offenders. HA,+6 and Fmmaus provided a team of green1fingered service users for weekly gardening work parties over 4083. A team of individual volunteers have also formed a regular wildlife gardening group.   The garden$ which is located outside the Trusts Gre!e House office to the Fast of Eerulamium 9ark$ was e>tended last year with help from the Tesco ags of Help scheme. The new section of the garden has !een created from scratch and features plants that support !irds and pollinators. Fmma Norrington$ Head of 'undraising and ,ommunications at the Trust$ saidWe are delighted at the progress the wildlife garden has made with the hard work of our volunteers$ Fmmaus and HA,+6. The wildlife garden is a real community asset and we are very grateful to all the volunteers that work so hard to make this a really special place. The garden provides fantastic ha!itat for local wildlife$ made possi!le only through the support of Trust mem!ers and volunteers. The wildlife garden is open to visit Monday C 'riday$ 80am C )pm. how the 'ove this (ebruary ! 1)th (ebruary 11a-2p oin the Trust at the Gre!e House Wildlife Garden for a free drop1in event to find out more a!out how you can help to reduce the effects of climate change$ show your love on a green heart$ collect wildlife spotter sheets for the park and more.  .coming events / -eritage )ee0end / 1/2 th  etem3er 4567 /t. Michael:s church is working towards a series of events during Heritage Weekend to mark the end of WW8. The steering group is planning a period fete in the churchyard$ an evening of poetry and music$ a flower festival and a history display.We are also in the process of commissioning an addition to the parish:s WW8 memorial$ adding the names of ) local victims who were not included on the srcinal memorial from the 8240:s.To find out more or to get involved$ please contact Georgie +ay on 08343 D*)0*3 or at admin.stmichaelsI! Kenneth Padley    3ituary / 8ac0 Knight 96246/4561: /t. Michael:s will !e very much poorer without all the fascinating reminiscences of ack who lived amongst us all his life$ apart from WW4 service around the Mediterranean which earned him several medals. He was always happy to recount former days in /t. Michael:s$ and some of those lively stories were pu!lished at the time in our newsletter.Whereas other mem!ers of his family worked on the Gorham!ury estate$ ack chose to take a post office 5o!$ and stayed with them until retirement. After this he assisted at the estate as a gardener and helper on shoots. His late wife$ ean$ had also !een a helper and then a housekeeper on the estate until her own retirement. /adly she died a few weeks !efore their 30 th  wedding anniversary in 4087. His son ernard was Head Gamekeeper on the estate until he retired. They also have a daughter ennifer. ack was passionate a!out foot!all and an ardent Arsenal supporter.He was also a keen gardener. The :estate house: that was latterly allocated to him and ean in lacksmith:s %ane had an e>tensive kitchen garden of which he was very proud$ and he showed great generosity with ithe resulting produce.$ particularly apples and vegeta!les.The funeral took place in a full /t. Michael:s church on 80 th   anuary. The Grimston family were well represented$ supported !y a crowd of estate workers and their families$ outnum!ering mourners from the village. ack meant so much to so many people. 6n leaving the church his medals were displayed and the :%ast 9ost: was played on a silver trumpet.-n conclusion we would like to e>press our condolences to ack:s children$ his !rother and to younger mem!ers of the family at this sad time. ohn ,adisch <photo courtesy of acJui anfield1Taylor= *f you have any coents on this newsletter or woul+ li,e to contribute articles for future issues please contact the e+itor by eail ! 'ynne#coc,billhotail#co#u, 
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