The A - Z of KIASU

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A Power Point Presentation by Bro. Oh Teik Bin, Persatuan Buddhist Hilir Perak, Teluk Intan, Malaysia. "Kiasu" literally means 'Scared to lose'. KIASU people generally are sef-centred, thinking of their own well-being only. They try to 'gain' or 'win' at all costs ... even at the expense of others. Kiasu is rooted in greed, ego and delusion.
  • 1. The A – Z Of KIASU Let us reflect on how a Kiasu person is conquered by Greed, Anger and Delusion
  • 2. “ I must A lways win, win!” How much stress will this bring ?
  • 3. “ I always B orrow but never return!” Life’s Principles …When will he ever learn?
  • 4. “ Wah, I have to buy because it is C heap!” Oh my ! She is hoarding things by the heap !
  • 5. “ D on’t trust anyone …that’s my philosophy.” Ha ! He will live a life of sheer misery.
  • 6. “ E verything I must also grab fast.” With such craving how long will he last?
  • 7. “ F ree ! F ree ! F ree ! I must have all these things !” Do you know what suffering this brings ?
  • 8. “ If I don’t G rab first, very soon there may be no more!” You see such ‘Hungry Ghosts’ everywhere – a real eyesore!
  • 9. “ I must H elp myself to everything everywhere.” Will he ever realize the need to care and share?
  • 10. “ I want to be FIRST in everything.” There’s a price to pay – real suffering.
  • 11. “ I can’t waste my time – I must J ump queue.” He makes others mad with such a view.
  • 12. “ I must K eep coming back for more and more.” There would be pain and suffering in store.
  • 13. “ I must have a life of more and more L uxury.” He cares only for himself and his family.
  • 14. “ Don’t you see that I M ust never ever lose face?” He constantly feeds his ego in life’s mad race.
  • 15. “ I N ever give others a helping hand.” There are more such people in every land.
  • 16. “ I must O utdo and O utshine everybody.” How can such a person live life peacefully ?
  • 17. “ I only P ay out of necessity, not generosity.” Do not expect him to perform any act of charity.
  • 18. “ I will Q uarrel to make sure I am ahead.” He wouldn’t care if you were alive or dead.
  • 19. “ I have to R ush and push to triumph in the race!” It won’t be long before he’s crushed at this pace.
  • 20. “ I am always S uspicious of each and everyone.” He will suffer if he wants to be SECOND TO NONE.
  • 21. “ I believe in only T aking … not giving.” Such self-centredness will soon see him grieving.
  • 22. “ U nless I get some personal benefit, forget it.” It must have been ages since the last charity he did.
  • 23. “ I V ow that I will be THE NUMBER ONE!” By hook or by crook he would get this done !
  • 24. “ I am the W inner …I take all, I take all.” When will they know there’s gain and loss, rise and fall?
  • 25. “ This is not enough … I must have X ’TRA!” It does not pay to be so greedy LAH !
  • 26. “ I will Y ELL to get what I desire.” Life’s Lessons are what such people require.
  • 27. Z ebras are ‘KIASU’ ‘cause they want to be black and white at the same time. Conflicts and problems abound ‘cause too many stress on ‘ME, MY and MINE’ !
  • 28. The End Peace Comes Through Wisdom And Understanding. May We All Attain Life’s Greatest Blessing. With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin
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