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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Fiscal Year (FY) 2007 Supplemental Budget Estimate OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE, ARMY JUSTIFICATION BOOK - Amendment VOLUME I MARCH 2007 FY2007 EMERGENCY SUPPLEMENTAL DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) / Regional War on Terrorism (RWOT) Summary of FY 2007 Operations I. Description of Operations Financed: A. Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) encompasses all actions to restore stability and provide security in Iraq. OIF includes operations in Kuwait which are
  DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE, ARMY JUSTIFICATION BOOK - Amendment VOLUME IMARCH 2007  Fiscal Year (FY) 2007 Supplemental Budget Estimate    II.   Force Structure Summary: The force structure for OIF and OEF consists of three overlapping annual rotations –OIF/OEF 05-07, OIF/OEF 06-08, and OIF/OEF 07-09 – which cascade into theater throughout the fiscal year. The primary rotation isOIF/OEF 06-08, consisting of a total of fifteen plus brigade combat teams, headquarters elements, and supporting combat support andcombat service support units. The OIF/OEF 06-08 rotation contains a Corps headquarters, three Division headquarters, two StrykerBrigades, two National Guard Brigades (1-light OEF and 1-heavy OIF), eleven full strength Active Component Combat ArmsBrigades (4 - light and 7 – heavy), one Active Component Combat Arms Brigade minus, one Active Component Brigade assignedas embedded / transition training teams , and 54K combat support and combat service support units located in Iraq, Afghanistan,and Kuwait. (The second Stryker Brigade is included due to its 120-day extension.) In addition to the rotational units, the forcestructure includes the Coalition Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC), Multi-National Force – Iraq (MNF-I), Multi-NationalSecurity Transition Command – Iraq (MNSTC-I) and the Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan. Additionally,includes an increase in force structure requirements of 5 brigade combat teams (BCTs) (4-heavy and 1-light) and associated supportunits for operations in Iraq from the srcinally scheduled force structure. A summary of the deployed forces is listed below: A. Forces (Units = Annual Average)   FY 2006 FY 2007 FY2008(OIF/OEF 05-07) (OIF/OEF 06-08) (OIF/OEF 07-09)1. Component andMulti-National Headquarters 3/1 3/1 3/12. Corps Headquarters 1/0 1/0 1/03. Division Headquarters 2/1 2/1 2/14. Brigade Combat Teams*Planned 14/3 13/2 14/3Revised 18/2 35. Combat Support - brigadeand larger units 7/2 7/2 7/26. Combat Service Support – brigadeand larger units 14/2 14/2 14/2* Original plan was to draw down from 17 BCTs in FY 2006 to 15 BCTs in FY 2007. FY 2007 now reflects a temporaryincrease of 5 6 BCTs from the srcinally scheduled force structure.   Exhibit OP-1 (Army GWOT – Summary of Operations)Page 4 of 34
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