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1. * School Stories * Travel Tales * Hotel Happenings Readers’ Comments & A Sample Chapter Begging A ‘Ghost’… 2. Back Cover A Self- Published Book Through The…
  • 1. * School Stories * Travel Tales * Hotel Happenings Readers’ Comments & A Sample Chapter Begging A ‘Ghost’…
  • 2. Back Cover A Self- Published Book Through The Inspiration Hub
  • 3. Readers Comments / Reviews
  • 4. Comments * Heartiest congratulations Oh Teik Bin on another delightful reading companion! As usual, the title reveals it all. Your narrative not only provides entertaining reading, but also cuts across ages, and cultural and social mores. The treasure house of personal experiences that you unfold right from your heart offers insightful thoughts, ideas and concepts that a reader can benefit from. Ambassador Dato’ Dr Ananda Kumaraseri * A delightful collection of stories that tickle your funny bone, tug at your heartstrings and touch a chord with reflections to take to heart. Dr Teh Yeong Han MD, Ophthalmologist * It is hilarious! As usual Oh Teik Bin has the knack to see what others like us merely look. Looking forward to more of his work in the near future. Dr Lim Boon Huat Senior Lecturer School of Health Sciences University Science Malaysia Kubang Kerian, Kelantan
  • 5. * A teacher who is able to tell captivating and inspiring stories is a great one. He tells his stories so well in this easy to read book with many hidden messages. It takes an open mind (and courage) to read and venture into this book. Take your bites, chew on them and reflect! Eric KL Teoh Speaker, Trainer, Coach * Each narration accompanied by thoughtful reflection in this book will undoubtedly be a source of inspiration and pleasure for all, young and old. Lim Kok Chai Accountant * This book is a MUST for readers yearning for more than just a few cups of laughter. Hilarious and thought provoking life situations. The writer has a knack for putting across important and profound life lessons from these life stories. James Lau Chea Yong Ex-Tax Officer / Life Insurance Manager
  • 6. * This book awakens us to the richness and wisdom of life’s experiences when we take the time to wonder and reflect. The stories are so down to earth yet profound in helping us to understand ourselves and others better. Teik Bin has so succinctly shown, through his own experiences, that regardless of our circumstances, there is always something to be learnt and values to be appreciated. He is able to do that through wit and humor without being overly condescending. All in all, this book is a great read, even if it is only for the stories, tales and happenings. I would highly recommend it to be added to everyone’s collection of great books." Ooi Hean Beng, Ph.D Lecturer, Institute of Teacher Education Ipoh Campus. * A Treasure Trove of real life stories that amuse and educate so effectively. So stimulating and thought-provoking! Steven Lee Hotel Supervisor * I find the narrations of the happenings very vivid, just like watching a video. Most importantly, each happening teaches a life lesson. Dr Tham Kok Hee Dentist
  • 7. * The many stories and happenings narrated in this book are most meaningful, easy to understand and identify with. I feel they will benefit many people from different walks of life. I highly recommend this book to all who would love to grow in understanding and wisdom. Dr. Hea Ai Sim Head of Department, Chinese Medicine International Medical University, Malaysia. * As a teacher I can identify with what Oh Teik Bin has written. He certainly understood that education is not mere text book knowledge - you are responsible for a human being! He should continue to share with others his priceless experiences. Chan Siok Gim, Ph.D Senior Science Teacher * Filled with fascinating insights, humorous observations and anecdotes, this book will enrich your understanding of others as well as yourself as you reflect on the underlying life lessons behind each story. Cynthia Chan Ying Shi Petronas Engineer
  • 8. * The conversational style certainly fits into the mindset of our Malaysian readers. I would certainly recommend this meaningful read especially to the young teenagers and adults. Vital LIFE lessons are pointed out after each chapter. Congratulations, Teik Bin! I look forward to more of your writings. John Liew English Teacher * I find many stories from the Travel Tales and the Hotel Happenings most interesting and thought-provoking. Loke Hou Kheen Computer Science Lecturer The stories and tales from real life experiences are interesting. The reflections are inspiring and they teach high moral values. Ong Han Long Physics Teacher * A wonderful book for reading pleasure. Every story tickles, some are hilarious. The travel tales are educational and inspirational. Every chapter entertains. Florence Yeo Retired Administrative Officer
  • 9. * These 56 true life stories of Oh Teik Bin are intensely vibrant and vivid, his words transforming such complex experiences into a read that is truly satisfying. From the 3 hours sitting with this book, his reflections have broadened my outlook on life and thoroughly opened my mind. Koh Kim Seng, Postgraduate Student Universiti Utara Malaysia * This book kept me glued until I finished the whole of it. There is so much wit and humor that brings spontaneous smiles and laughter. The writing style is simple, crisp and totally absorbing. It was like I was listening to the writer telling me the stories. Many people like this style of writing. The stories are honest, simple, sincere and real. S. Nagappan Physics Teacher * Oh Teik Bin writes lucidly from his vast and long experience of having been an educator. His stories centre on the heart and soul of Malaysian life and invite the reader to appreciate all things Malaysian. Chan Kah Yein, Ph.D Educator and Animal Protection Activist
  • 10. “This book is a treasure trove of interesting short stories! Ranging from stories of the author’s many years of experience as a teacher, his travelling experiences as well as interesting and strange hotel happenings, this book makes a delightful and entertaining read. The author writes in an easy-to-read style and I particularly liked the reflections at the bottom of each story as it gives us lessons and pointers to reflect upon and learn.” Selina Chew, Ph.D – Holistic therapist and hypnotherapist, Life Inspirations ( “This book is very informative and I learnt a lot from the stories shared. It truly inspires me. I realize that lessons in life can be learnt from happenings around us." Chuah Chong Hong Sales & Marketing Executive In this book, Oh Teik Bin has detailed his interesting experiences in a highly engaging, and often humorous way. Moreover, the reflections from his experiences at the end of each chapter are insightful and provide some important life lessons. Chong Wei Wen, Ph.D Pharmacist / UKM Lecturer
  • 11. 41 Begging A ‘Ghost’… A Sample Chapter In January 2011, a group of 20 of us made a 9-Day tour to Myanmar covering interesting places from Yangon up till the city of Kalaw in the north. With stunning scenic spots, fabulous food, friendly people, superb shopping sprees, captivating caves and terrific temples, this tour was indeed very unique and unforgettable. We started the tour at Yangon, a fascinating city of ancient pagodas, temples, local markets and some cottage industries. The Shwedagon Pagoda was really awesome…a magnificent wonder.
  • 12. On the third day, we took an internal flight to Bagan, an ancient city of amazing pagodas and stupas. The following day, we flew to Mandalay, a most fascinating and historic city. It was on Day 6 of the tour that we flew into Inle Lake, one of the most beautiful lake resorts I have been. It was very cool with temperatures below 15 degrees Celcius. The scenery was breathtaking and the boat tour in the lake area left great impressions in us. It was at the Inlet Lake Resort Hotel that I had one of the most funny experiences in my life. My room mate and I had checked into the twin room at about 10.30 pm. Before long we were fast asleep.
  • 13. At around 1 am, I got up to answer the call of nature. I did not lock the attached bathroom door. After I had eased myself, I came out and closed the bathroom door. I found that the round doorknob got into a jam. The Hotel had all the rooms and the Reception on the ground floor. I decided to walk to get help from the front reception place. It was dark all around. I used a torch light and when I reached the reception counter, it was closed. However, I saw a room nearby, dimly lit. As the door was half-closed, I walked into the room. I saw two Hotel staff members on duty fast asleep on the bed. I called softly to one of the two young men, hoping to wake him up. The young man opened his eyes and when he saw me standing near him, a nearly bald-headed man in sarong and a white long-sleeved shirt, he must have got the shock of his life. He crouched to one side of the bed and with his hands in a prayer position, he begged in broken English, ‘Oh, Ghost…don’t…don’t kill me. I no do bad…I am good man.’
  • 14. It took me a few minutes to calm him down. I dangled my bunch of hotel keys in front of him and explained about our jammed bathroom door. The young man soon recovered from his ‘shock’… he was really nice and helpful. He had the bathroom door fixed in no time. I apologized to him for scaring him out of his wits and I gave him a generous tip. So everything ended well. Ha, I did not for once, think that I could look like a ghost! The rest of our tour went on most smoothly. The last city we visited was Kalaw with many beautiful caves and natural spots. We really had a great holiday tour in Myanmar …so many memorable moments to treasure in our hearts for a long, long time.
  • 15. Reflection * Fear arises in the mind because of misunderstanding, conditioning, and not seeing things as they really are. * A mind that is trained in mindfulness, heedfulness and awareness can cut the roots of greed, ill will and delusion. * Oftentimes, what is speculated on and have no logical basis can drive one to irrational fear. * One needs to cast aside superstition, develop understanding and wisdom of all mental and physical phenomena . Then one will be calm and happy!
  • 16. “School Stories * Travel Tales * Hotel Happenings Is available at Sukhi Hotu, Petaling Jaya Sukhi Hotu Sdn. Bhd. D9-6-1, Dana Commercial Centre, Jalan PJU 1A/46, Petaling Jaya, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47301, Malaysia Tel +60 3-7842 6828 Contact Sukhi Hotu to check that there is still stock. Online Purchase of the book can also be made through
  • 17. Proceeds from the sale of the Book go to Publishing / Re-Printing my LIFE Lessons / Inspirational Books for Free Distribution
  • 18. The End May we learn from LIFE Lessons and a good story. May we live life most happily and peacefully. With Best Regards, Oh Teik Bin
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