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Sample of Related Literature in Thesis
  Related Literature:Restoration & Rejuvenation1.Ecological Restoration joint working group of SER International and the IU! o ission on Ecos#ste $anage ent. %ased upon eorge '. ann ()*+ 'avid La ,- ()$+the# e/plained what it()I+s eant ,# the ter ()$+ecological restoration()0+ and outlines how it can provide enhanced ,iodiversit# outco es as well as i prove hu an well+,eing in degraded landscapes.()0+  eorge '. ann ()*+ 'avid La , 2333 4 )nal#sis : $an# people now depend on what have ,eco e degraded ecos#ste s to sustain their livelihood. )nd with this article we will have a chance to i prove our ,iodiversit#conservation- hu an livelihood- and ecos#ste productivit#.2.USS research shows econo ic i pacts of ecos#ste restoration projects. osh Sidon said ()$+that this stud# shows that these colla,orative projects sustain our local econo ies in addition to restoring our nation()I+s pu,lic lands and resources. )nd it de onstrates how such invest ents support jo,s and livelihoods- s all ,usinesses and rural econo ies.()0+ osh Shidon 2313 4 )nal#sis : 5his research shows how uch i pact the rejuvenation in our ecos#ste can ,ear su,stantial econo ic fruit for local- state- and national econo ies. It is said here that for ever# ()0+1 illion invested in ecos#ste restoration- ,etween ()0+2.2 and ()0+6.7 illion flow through to the U.S. Econo #.6.'a Re oval: hallenges and 8pportunities for Ecological Research and River Restoration. )ccording to 'avid . 9elinsk#- ()$+ interest in da re oval as a eans of riverrestoration has focused attention on i portant new challenges for watershed anage ent and si ultaneousl# created opportunities for advancing the science of ecolog#()0+ 'avid . 9alinsk#- 'avid '. art- 'aniel ). ;reeger- Richard . orwit< and )ngela 5. %ednarek 1==>4 )nal#sis : 5his article sa#s that developing risk assess ent fra ework for understanding howpotential responses to da re oval var# with da and watershed characteristics- which can lead to ore effective use of this restoration ethod. 5hus ()$+e/peri ent()0+ creates the potential for e/a ining river responses ,# eans of ,oth echanistic and whole s#ste approaches.7.5heories and 5echni?ues of 'egraded @etland Ecos#ste Restoration. )ccording to Aeng S- Ren - ()*+ Bhang 0- ()$+ wetlands are the lands that provide hu anit# an# services and co odities- can control the water c#cling and the ,ioche ical c#cling of nitrogen and car,on- and can also filter and deco pose the pollutants.()0+  Aeng S- Ren - ()*+ Bhang 0 233= 4 )nal#sis : In this research that was conducted at South hina Institute of %otan# in oung<hou. 5heories such as self+design vs. 'esign 5heor#- succession theor#- invasion theor#- flood pulsing theor#- edge effect theor#- and inter ediate distur,ance h#pothesis- are can ,e used to direct restoration of wetlands. 5his techni?ues of wetland restoration includes to restore the natural h#drologic conditions- to reha,ilitate suita,le vegetation t#pes- to control hu an distur,ance... Etc.C.Restoration Success : ow Is It %eing $easured. )s $aria . Rui<+aen and 5. $itchell )ide said- ()$+the criteria of restorationsuccess should ,e clearl# esta,lished to evaluate restoration projects. 5o deter ine how restoration success have ,een evaluated in restoration projects- we addressed the ff. 0uestions: 14 what easures of ecos#ste s attri,utes are assessed and 24 how are these easures used to deter ine restoration success.()0+ $aria . Rui<+aen ()*+ 5. $itchell )ide 233C 4. )nal#sis : @ith this stud# we have assessed that we can evaluate the success rate of restoration process ,# using ultiple easures and to encourage our local govern ent to hold future projects.  D.5echni?ues for restoration of distur,ed coastal wetlands of the reat Lake. %ased upon 'ouglas ). @ilco/ ()*+ 5ho as . @illia s said that- ()$+ a long histor# of hu an+induced degradation of reat Lakes wetland that ade restoration anecessit#. 5here for we co piled tested ethods- ,ut the practice of wetland restoration is relativel# new.()0+ 'ouglas ). @ilco/ ()*+5ho as . @illia s 23364 )nal#sis: 5his research shows us that successful restoration that do not re?uire continued anipulation. Success of restoration is de onstrated ,# the sustaina,ilit#- productivit#- nutrient+retention a,ilit#- invasi,ilit#- and ,iotic interactions within a restored wasteland.>.$anage looding for Riparian Ecos#ste Restoration )ccording to $anuel . $olles r. ()*+ Lisa $- Ellis ()$+ that out of this search for general ecological principles will co e a ,etter understanding of the structuire and function of riparian ecos#ste s.()0+ $anuel . $olles r. ()*+ Lisa $. Ellis 1==F4 )nal#sis : In this research we have learned a,out the flood+pulse concept. It e pahsi<es that water+land interactions create in aintain river+floodplain ecos#ste as so e of the ost productive and diverse the ecos#ste in our own co unit# speciall# flood prone areas#.F.ontingent valuation- net arginal ,enefits- and the scale of riparian ecos#ste restoration. )ccording to 5ho as A. ol es- ohn . %ergstor - ()*+ rit< 8rr III- ()$+riparian restoration is an econo icall# feasa,le invest ents of pu,lic funds at all easured in partial scales.()0+ 5ho as A. ol es- ohn . %ergstor ()*+ it< 8rr III 4 )nal#sis : @ith this it can helps us on how to reduces the cost on the restoration of our ecological s#ste .=.Restoration of the Elhwa River Ecos#ste  $r. Ro,ert . @underlich- %rian '. @inter- ()*+ ohn . $e#er proposed to restore the ecos#ste within Elwha River. Elwha River was renowned for it()I+s a,undance and diversit# of anafro ous sal onids. $ost of the river s#ste re ains in prestine condition ,ut da s in the lower river have ,locked all anadro ous fish. Ro,ert . @underlich- %rian '. @inter- ()*+ ohn . $e#er 23314 )nal#sis : Indicates that re oval of ,oth da s is the onl# option that will achieve full restoration-13.$easure ents of the soil icro,ial co unit# for esti ating the success of restoration. )ccording to . ). arris- ()$+,# easuring characteristics of the soil icro,ial co unit# we can assess the status of icro,ial ecos#ste and in that sense the ?ualit#.()0+  . ). arris 23364 )nal#sis : In this stud# it shows that ,# easuring soil icro,ial co unit# we can assess the degradation and the effects of anage ent design to reverse itsReferences :http:GGwww.serg.orgGresourcesGresources+detail+viewGecological+restoration+a+ eans+conserving+,iodiversit#+and+sustaining+livelihoods http:GGtwri.te u.eduGpu,licationGconservation+does+ atterG231DGaprilGusgs+research+shows+econo ic+i pacts+ecos#ste +restoration+projectsG http:GG .,ioscience.o/fordjournals.orgGcontentGC2GFGDD=.shortG http:GGeuropep c.orgGa,stractG edG17==>D>1 http:GGonlineli, Gdo#G13.1111Gj.1CD2D+133/.233C.333F2./Ga,stractHuserls)uthenticated()'3+false()*+denied)ccessusto ised$essage()'3+ GarcticleG13.133>G%361D1>F>  http:GGonlineli, GdoiG13.137DGj.16C1+3>C7.2336.3CC=./Ga,stractHuserls)uthenticated()'3+false()*+denied)ccessusto ised$essage()'3+ http:GGwww.jstor.orgGsta,leG161666>Hse?()'3+1()$+page()F+scan()F+ta,()F+contents GscienceGarticleGpiiGS3=21F33=373332C7 GdoiGa,sG13.1C>>7F+F77D1==7431=()U+63311()U+6)R85ERE()U+6E2.3.3()U+6%2()$+GdoiGa,sG13.1C>>G1C7F+F77D1==7431=()U+63311()U+6)R85ERE()U+6E2.3.8()U+6%2
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