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  1 OLIMPIADA DE LIMBA ENGLEZĂ   ETAPA LOCALĂ  Clasa a VIII-a 27 ianuarie 2018 I.   There is a mistake in each sentence. Find it and correct it. (10 points) 1.   Shot the scene again!  2.   Every election is time of decision.  3.   He will give you more money than you ever had in your life.  4.   The plot is to intricate.  5.   You will feel better if you get it down you.  6.   When did you first became interested in politics?  7.   I told her that she looks beautiful in that dress.  8.   There isn’t nobody in the house.  9.   If I was you, I would refuse him.  10.   Your English is not fluently.  II. Choose the correct item. (20 points) Kew Gardens Admire the exotic plants in the Palm House, climb across the Treetop Walkway and walk (1) ………… the Lake at the stunning Kew Gardens.  The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, London grows more species in its 121 hectares (2) ………… any other garden in the world and has a long and distinguished history. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these magnificent London gardens, glasshouses and galleries are a living exhibit as well as an important (3) ………… legacy.  Kew Gardens ’  modern history really begins in the century when Henry VII moved (4) ………… court to Richmond Palace in the summer months and nea rby Kew village flourished. Since 1840 Kew Park has (5) ………… open to the public and is without a doubt the most impressive London garden. A stunning sanctuary less than 30 minutes (6) ………… central London, Kew Gardens is easily accessible on the Underground and Overground lines. Guided tours of Kew Gardens leave the Victoria Plaza Visitor Centre (7) ………… 11.00 and 14.00 every day.  2 Don't miss a visit to The Hive, an open- air structure (8) ………… at 17 metres tall and weighing in at 40 tons. The Hive encapsula tes the story of (9) ………… honeybee and the important role of pollination in feeding the planet, (10) ………… an immersive sound and visual experience with innovation and design. Step inside and discover the secret life of bees! 1.   a. next b. on c. in d. over 2.   a. than b. then c. that d. the 3.   a. history b. historian c. historical d. historically 4.   a. he b. his c. him d. her 5.   a. be b. being c. been d. bing 6.   a. for b. from c. form d. to 7.   a. by b. on c. in d. at 8.   a. stand b. standing c. stood d. stranded 9.   a. the b. a c. an d. - 10.   a. thorough b. through c. trough d. though III. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use up to three words. (20 points) 1.   Dave prefers rock music to pop.   Dave likes rock....... .pop. 2.   Shall we go for a swim? How about ...........swim? 3.   The meals at school are free. You don’t..........pay for the meals at school.  4.   You mustn’t talk in the library.   You aren’t ..............in the library.  5.   The hotel was cheaper than they had expected. The hotel wasn’t as ..................... expected.  6.   The last comedy I saw made me laugh so much. I...................with the last comedy I saw. 7. He had never been abroad before. This was .................he had been abroad. 8.   Why don’t you join a sports club?   If .............................., I’d join a sports club. 9.   I always go for a jog before breakfast.  3 I never have breakfast until..........from my jog. 10.   It’s not necessary for you to come with me.  You...........to come with me. IV.   Read the text and answer the following questions (25 points) Admire the Old Royal Naval College Take a wander through the grounds of the Old Royal Naval College and see the poshest  pensioners ’  home that ever was. The Royal Hospital for Seamen, as it was srcinally named, was  built in the first half of the 18th century and was designed by Christopher Wren and a number of other distinguished architects. It was a retirement home for sailors from the Royal Navy and some of the early inhabitants included veterans of Nelson’s fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar.  The buildings are still used today by the University of Greenwich and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and if you visit during term time you can hear the students  practising  –    it’s a beautiful noise!  Make sure you visit the fabulous Painted Hall and the Chapel. The Painted Hall used to be the  pensioners ’  dini ng hall, but it’s hard to imagine them working their way through their boiled beef underneath the gloriously detailed ceiling. It took James Thornhill 19 years to decorate the ceiling and the walls and you’ll be able to see why when you visit. Look out for him in the painting  –   he put himself in the picture with his hand out because he hadn’t been paid properly.  The Chapel, just opposite the Painted Hall, is a neo-classical beauty and has one the finest eighteenth century interiors in existence. There are frequent concerts and recitals, so keep your ears open when you visit! (Source: http://www.visitgreenwich.org.uk )  1.   What was the srcinal name of the Old Royal Naval College? 2.   Who was it designed by? 3.   What can you hear if you visit during term time? 4.   How long did it take James Thornhill to decorate the ceiling and the walls? 5.   Why did he put himself in the picture with his hand out? V. Write a story beginning as shown: (25 points) “   He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He needed to make up his mind quickly, before it was too late. ”   Write 150-180 words on your answer sheet. Give your story a catchy title. NOT Ă : Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii. Timp de lucru 90 de minute. Nu se acord ǎ  puncte din oficiu.  4 OLIMPIADA DE LIMBA ENGLEZĂ   ETAPA LOCALĂ  Clasa a VIII-a 27 ianuarie 2018 BAREM Subject I (10x1 = 10 points) 1.   shot  –   shoot  2.   time  –   a time  3.   you ever had  –   you have ever had  4.   to  –   too  5.   get it down  –   get it off   6.    became  –   become  7.   looks  –   looked  8.   nobody  –   anybody  9.   was  –   were  10.   fluently  –   fluent  Subject II (2x10 = 20 points) 1.   d. over 2.   a. than 3.   c. historical 4.    b. his 5.   c. been 6.    b. from 7.   d. at 8.    b. standing 9.   a. the 10.    b. through
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