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  TEACHINGS ROMAN CATHOLIC DIFFERENCE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN 1.EXISTENCE OF  AFTER LIFE Catholics believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus have changed the meaning and the effects of human death. Death is no longer the end of individual human identity, because the soul continues after death. The Catholic Church teaches that a soul may go to heaven, purgatory or hell, depending on the quality of a person's life on earth. Heaven is the preferred destination for Catholics after death. It is the ultimate goal of all Catholics. While nobody knows exactly what a heavenly existence consists of, Catholics believe it includes seeing God face to face. Purgatory is a temporary location where individuals stay until they are fit to go to heaven. Catechism explains that heaven is the ultimate destination for those who are still imperfectly purified, but that after death they undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven. Hell is the destination that Catholics hope to avoid. Nevertheless, Catechism emphasizes that this is a self- exclusion from communion with God and a free choice that humans make -- by failing to accept God's love and by failing to care for people in need. In artistic representations and in many sermons of the past, hell was seen as a place of fire and torment. The Catholic Church currently describes hell as an existence where the soul is separated from God FOREVER. Roman Catholics  Eternal Salvation in Heaven; Eternal Damnation in Hell; Temporal third state before Heaven for those who desire purification, known as Purgatory. Born Again  Eternity in Heaven or Hell The Bible records in John 3:3-10 that in order for anyone to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, one must be born again by the Spirit of God. This was taught by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and is recorded in scripture in both Catholic and Protestant Bibles. Catholics do believe that one becomes born again at Baptism. Christians believe that once you believe and have faith in Christ you are born again Born Again Christians believe that they will face God and stand before Him as they come to their end and face the final judgment. However, they also believe that an individual is saved by faith alone. All about Religion states that when Born Again Christians declare the words “Jesus is Lord”, they are saved from the Lord’s judgment and will spend eternity with Him in heaven. They believe that this salvation is possible because upon Jesus’s death, he became a perfect sacrifice, as he never committed any sin. They assured that death is not something to be feared, at death they arrive home in heaven. 2.JUDGMENT DAY Belief in the last judgment (often linked with the General  judgment) is held firmly inside Roman Catholicism. Immediately upon death each soul undergoes the particular  judgment, and depending upon the state of the person's soul, goes to heaven, purgatory, or hell. The last judgment will occur after the resurrection of the dead and the reuniting of a person's soul with own physical body. The Catholic Church teaches that at the time of the Roman Catholic All of the peoples mindset is you are not going to hell if you didn’t do or commit an inconsiderable sin. It means either one will go where they deserve. Born again Judgment day will be the period of a thousand years. Judgment will affect those living on the inhabited earth. Those It means that if they did not accept the Lord whole-heartedly in their life (unfaithful), they will be facing eternal death as the consequence and those who accepted the Lord (faithful), in return, will have an everlasting life.  last judgment Christ will come in His glory, and all the angels with Him, and in His presence. The truth of each man's relationship with God will be laid bare, and each person who has ever lived will be judged with perfect justice. Those already in heaven will remain in heaven; those already in hell will remain in hell; and those in purgatory will be released into heaven. Following the last  judgment, the bliss of heaven and the pains of hell will be perfected in that those present will also be capable of physical bliss/pain. After the last  judgment, the universe itself will be renewed with a new heaven and a new earth in the World to come. receiving favorable  judgment will live on earth and will enjoy everlasting life in perfect conditions. The Bible says that Jesus will judge the living and the dead. During the judgment day the dead will rise up. According to (Matthew 12:41) Jesus said that the hour is coming which all those memorial thombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, those who practice vile things to a resurrection of  judgment. Those who resurrected to life on earth will be judge according to their deeds during the judgment day. 3.WORSHIP AND PRAYER RELATIONS Some of the traditional worship practices of Roman Catholics include making the sign of the cross, kneeling, bowing, and receiving the Eucharist during their worship Ceremonies. Their main form of worship is called the Mass. It is celebrated every day. Catholics are required to attend on Sunday and on a few Holy Days of obligation. In the United States, the Holy Days of Obligation are: Mary, Mother of God (January 1), The Assumption of Mary (August 15), The Immaculate Conception (of Mary) (December) The Ascension of Jesus (40 days after Easter), Christmas (December 25) and All Saints Day (November 1). These can be remembered by the following phrase: for Mary, for Jesus and for all the saints.While these are all practices of Roman Catholics, other Christian churches also use many or all of these same practices. Catholics put more emphasis on the Virgin Mary (Jesus's mother) than many other Christians, calling her the Mother of God, The Queen of Heaven, and praying through her to her Son, Jesus, regularly, as Mediatrix of graces at a level higher than other saints. Roman Catholics: Participate in the liturgical life, celebrate and revere Jesus' sacrifice on the cross at Mass. The celebration of seven sacraments Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Matrimony, Anointing of Sick, Holy Orders and Confession. Worship should be a continual process in the lives of Roman Catholics. Sunday is not the only day Catholics can attend Church for Mass, usually 1-2 hours. Praying to Saints, Mary, and Angel is allowed. They can intercede with God on your behalf. Born Again: Prayer, sacraments (some branches), worship in church, reading of the Bible, acts of charity, communion. Sunday is the Lord day, usually 4 hours or more. Most Protestants only pray directly to God. The nature of Christian worship is from the inside out and has two equally important parts. We must worship “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:23-24). Worshiping in the spirit has nothing to do with our physical posture. It has to do with our innermost being and requires several things. Worshiping in spirit requires a mind centered on God and have a pure heart. First, we must be born again. Without the Holy Spirit residing within us, we cannot respond to God in worship because we do not know Him. “No one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God” (1 Corinthians 2:11b). The Holy Spirit within us is the one who energizes worship because He is in essence glorifying Himself, and all true worship glorifies God.   4. DEATH Throughout the Church’s history, Christian burial has been an integral part of Catholic life. Catholic dogmas and doctrines relating to death and resurrection have been reflected in the liturgy, devotions and customs surrounding the death and burial of the faithful. Catholic belief in death as the entrance into eternity, hope in the resurrection, recognition of the value of prayer for the deceased, reverence for the body which remains, a sense of the mystery and sacredness which surround death. All of these should be reflected in the ministry and rites that are part of the Church’s pastoral response to death, the care of the body of the deceased and the consolation of the living. Roman Catholic Death is the second life like second chance for them to change next life. Born again Death is the end of our lives here on earth as God’s purpose has ended. The dead seem to be just dead. They can’t remember, they can’t thank anyone because the verse says his thoughts perish. All their abilities have perished, they know not anything. They have no more for ever any share in all that is under the sun. Death is the end of our lives here on Earth as God's purpose has ended. According to the bible, if a man is sinful and didn't cleanse his heart he would be dethrone to hell where he will experience the burning fire of hell and he won't be able to live with God for he is a sinful one. 5.NEW HEAVEN  AND NEW EARTH According to words of the Lord, new heaven and new earth is a place where there is no more grief, or mourning, or sadness, but peace and joy with The Lord and the holy spirit forever. Roman catholic: in new heaven all of the people will be happy. There will be no sickness and mourning. There will be only zest in new heaven and earth. Born Again: according to revelations the new heaven and new earth, for the first heaven and first earth will pass away and there was no longer any sea. There will be no grief or mourning but peace and joy with the Lord. We are given several images of the new world. If we want to see what an unfallen physical creation looks like, the obvious place to start is Eden. Eden is a picture of God’s ideal paradise on earth. It was a place especially suited for humans to live comfortably and engage in easy, pleasant work (Genesis 2:15) and for the purposes of appreciating their Creator. All Adam and Eve’s needs were provided for, and they were in regular, direct fellowship with God. There was no sin, no death, and no barrier to mankind’s relationship with God. In the NHE there is a return to a sinless state with no suffering or evil of any kind, and unlimited access to God (Revelation 21:3  – 4). All of this is possible because of Christ’s sacrifice in paying for our sins. But it is even better than the srcinal creation, because it is not a simple return to Eden. Rather, God will redeem  the best parts of culture as well as the earth. The best advance in the new heavens and earth will be that there will never be any possibility for sin or another Fall. “Since ‘the wages of sin is death’ (Romans 6:23), the promise of no more death is a promise a promise of no more sin. Those who will never die can never sin, since death is a punishment for sin. Sin results in mourning, crying, and pain. If those will never occur again, then sin can never occur again.”  
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